Effective minute writing

One-day in-house workshop

Learn how to tackle the vital role of minute writing with skill and confidence – and your new skills can also help to build your profile within the organisation.

Minutes are vital for the success of a meeting. When a minute taker is effective, decisions are implemented successfully, meeting members are accountable for their actions and anyone not at the meeting is informed about what took place. Good minutes provide evidence of what happened during meetings and form a progress check for evolving projects.

The aim of our new minute taking workshop is to develop participants’ confidence in taking notes and in producing minutes that effectively record discussions and decisions made during meetings. We aim to encourage participants to see minute taking as a good opportunity to develop their skills, enhance their confidence and develop their visibility in the organisation.

This is a highly interactive programme delivered through discussion, small group/individual exercises and case studies. During the workshop, participants will develop their skills by recording notes from a training film with realistic meeting scenarios.

Is it for me?

This course is for anyone who has responsibility for taking notes during meetings and writing them up in the form of minutes.

This task may form a central part of their job, or it may be something that they do infrequently. Our intention is to help participants to understand that taking minutes can be an opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their visibility in the organisation.


During this course you will:

  • Learn how to prepare for a meeting by working with the chair, reading relevant papers and talking to contributors

  • Find out how to record discussions and decisions made during the meeting

  • Develop your confidence in producing minutes that effectively record discussions and decisions made during meetings

  • Enhance your skills in writing up the minutes in a form that satisfies both the organisation’s requirements and the needs of those in attendance.


  • Welcome and introductions

  • Minute taking problems

  • Purposes of minutes

  • Preparation for minute taking

  • The agenda

  • Note taking tools

  • Styles of minutes

  • Minute taking practice

  • Review

Audio books

By Jane Smith

Jane’s audio books, which are all available from Audible at the links below, incorporate many of the key points, tips and techniques from Word Smiths’ training workshops.

More information and samples of Jane Smith's audio books here.