Training design

Custom materials to meet your specific needs

If off-the-peg training does not meet your requirements, we can design customised learning solutions that reflect your business environment and the challenges your people face.

Whether it is a two-day training event for team leaders, a self-study workbook for retail staff or an e-learning programme for new recruits, we research your needs and then design programmes, materials or events that learners will respond to and enjoy.

Case studies

These case studies are examples of how we work closely with clients to design and deliver learning programmes which meet their precise and specific needs.


Our training programmes ensure that learners can easily transfer their learning to their everyday work because we include content, examples and case studies drawn from real business activities.

We have a strong record of success in pioneering new territory – writing materials that link to new legislation, making technical subjects accessible to beginners, thinking creatively around topics which may at first appear dry and unexciting.

Senior partner Jane Smith is firmly established as a talented and prolific designer of training and learning materials, working with organisations in both private and public sectors, including voluntary organisations.

Contact Jane at or on 01873 857556 / 07815 857559 to discuss any specific training needs that your organisation may have.

Some of the organisations we have worked with