Proofreading for Business Success

Do you want to be able to improve your own documents or those written by other people? Would you like to be able to spot and correct grammar or punctuation mistakes in written material? Do you worry that your meaning may not be clear when you write? This proofreading course teaches the skills you need to scan and correct your own and colleagues' business documents.

Even the most impressive document will have its credibility undermined by mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling. This course teaches some useful proofreading strategies for quickly and effectively identifying and eliminating errors. This is a highly interactive programme, delivered through discussion, group/individual exercises and examples.

Is it for me?

Proofreading marksThis course is for anyone who would like to develop their proofreading skills. Its aim is to help you develop your proofreading skills, so that you can convey your messages clearly and concisely in writing and make the appropriate impact on your readers.


During this course you will learn:

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Word Smiths training events are highly interactive events. This means our workshops work best with a group of between 10 and 15 participants – although we can of course deliver the same content in a lecture hall or as one-to-one session.

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