Summer 2013

Training workshops

Our most popular training workshop at the moment is Speed Read Your Way to Success – an event which aims to help participants to read faster with increased comprehension and much better recall. Many people are really surprised at what they can achieve!

Recent comments show how much people enjoy this material and how useful they find it:

Word Smiths course brochure 2010/2011We have acquired quite a few new clients this year, mostly local authorities, government departments and HE institutions.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss an off-the-peg or a bespoke workshop for your team or organisation.

If you want to browse through the workshops we offer, download our 2013 course/workshop brochure here (pdf 1.6MB).

Learning design

We have completely redesigned our workshop on ‘Effective Minute Writing’. This is an exciting opportunity for participants to learn how to tackle the vital role of minute taking with skill and confidence. We can run this event on a client’s own premises or in a conference venue. We are happy to produce a bespoke version of this event, using your own course content, minutes styles and report templates.

Our new workshop programme features a specially-made training film with realistic meeting scenarios. Contact us for costs and availability.

Read more about our learning design services and see some case studies here.


We are currently producing a new audio book ‘Mind Mapping for Success’, which will be published in the Autumn.

In the meantime if you would like to know more about Mind Mapping, email us for the link to Jane's free e-book ‘Mind Mapping for Memory and Creativity’.


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