Memory and Learning for Success
ISBN 9780954886028

How to learn and recall the information you need for success

Memory and Learning for SuccessThe ability to remember is both more important and more of a challenge than ever before. Yet many people worry about their capacity to remember the facts, ideas, statistics, new names and faces that confront us all at every turn. And minor memory lapses often lead to feelings of insecurity, higher stress levels and further problems.

But in reality, everyone has an infinite capacity to remember. Memory and Learning for Success offers practical steps to make the most of the brain's amazing capacity to remember. The skills and approaches will enable anyone to remember everything that they need. By applying these skills, readers will be able to constantly perform at peak levels and regularly succeed in areas that once seemed impossible. Anyone can gain tremendous benefits from training their memory, no matter what their age or circumstances.

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Track list

  • Track 1: Introduction
  • Track 2: Your fantastic memory
  • Track 3: How does your memory work?
  • Track 4: Mind Mapping for memory and learning
  • Track 5: More tools and techniques for remembering
  • Track 6: The psychology of learning
  • Track 7: Making the most of your mind
  • Accompanying booklet (pdf)


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