Effective Business Writing for Success
ISBN 9780954886035

Effective Business Writing for Success - wrapperHow to convey written messages clearly and make a positive impact on your readers

Reports, emails, business plans, meeting minutes, journal articles, reviews, speeches and presentations: business writers have to write any or all of these, and write them well. Good writing saves time, money and gives an organisation a positive and professional image. Poor written communication, on the other hand, causes problems ranging from misunderstandings and irritation to wasted time, lost opportunities and even complete project failures. But the wonderful thing is that writing effectively for work is not a mysterious gift; it's a skill that can be learned like any other.

Effective Business Writing for Success sets out a step-by-step process for writing clearly and concisely and making a positive impact on readers.

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What's in the pack?



  • 1: Your starting point (7:53)
  • 2: A process for writing (13:12)
  • 3: Using plain English (7:28)
  • 4: Grammar and punctuation( 12:24)
  • 5: Writing persuasive emails (8:48)
  • 6: Writing clear and concise reports (9:13)
  • 7: Writing good letters (9:06)
  • 8: Finally: 4:47)


  • Resource A: notes and exercises
  • Resource B: exercise text (text of resource A exercises in a Word document)
  • Resource C: feedback to exercises
  • Resource D: model documents
  • Bonus audio track:
    Writing the minutes of meetings


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